Get Sweet

 Edited by Rosie Sutherland
In the late seventies Dave Seymour and Murray Ingersole used an 8mm camera to film their friends (including my husband Mark) surfing, skateboarding and just goofing around. They made two 30 minute films, Little Tuesday and Surfarosso Antiko, and presented an entire show including mock cinema advertising for such items as ‘Murray’s Durries’ cigarettes! They cued the soundtrack live from a record player, with epic tunes from bands like The Doors and Fleetwood Mac. The live production was recorded onto VHS and resurfaced recently to be transferred to DVD (by me). The footage captures the surfside lifestyle of the late seventies in Australia so well that I couldn’t resist asking to use it for a music video. Having the cover of a Beach Boys song on the album made it the obvious choice…
- Rosie
Get Sweet was selected for screening at the 2010 New York Surf Film Festival, 2011 San Sebastián Surfilm Festibal and 2011 Byron Bay International Film Festival


  1. Great stuff Rose… I rekon to polish it up you might consider filming yourself performing this, medium closeup, dark room, colored lighting on you only (I rekon red), black or no background and fade taht footage in and out a bit through the vid, widescreed so it spills out behind the retro footage a bit but not quite to the view edges… Sorry , a bit descriptive I know, but that’s what I saw when I watched this the second time.

    Love it, keep it up.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions Q!
    I wanted it to be more of a little “film” in its own right, not a “music video”.
    The ‘Crazy Talk’ video will be more along the lines you talk about…

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