Chuffed to get a review from Martin Jones in Jan 2010 issue of Rhythms mag — Australia’s roots music monthly.

Rosie Sutherland is not exactly fresh to music (she first popped up in Andrew Kidman and Mark Sutherland’s Val Dusty Experiment in the mid-’90s), but this is her debut album under her own name.

Sutherland is a fan of left of centre American country — stuff like Neil Young and Lucinda Williams — but exudes a strong folk aesthetic in her writing and singing. She also exhibits the invaluable understanding of economy in her singing; delivering just what the song and lyric requires and no more. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said of her guitarist to whom on more than one occasion you just want to yell, ‘shut up for a second’!

Sutherland’s songs are strong enough that they would have shined all the brighter with a more stripped back approach to the recording, a theory that is finally backed up in the closing track, which blends a compelling solo rendition of ‘I Get Around’ with Sutherland’s own ‘Sweet Dreams’.
Martin Jones

Stoked to be included in a such a fine publication — one of those rare music magazines that takes several sittings to read.

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  1. I’ve heard quite a few live performances of Rosie and the Thorns, and I like the arrangements on all the songs: light and shade. Sorry Martin Jones, I disagree.

    Three Funerals is terrific, in fact it’s a stunning tribute. The songs are all great and so heart-felt, could go thru a box of tissues here and there as the lyrics resonate. Congrats on a great first album. I look forward to the next brace of songs and I hope you sell a load of CDs.

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