Rhythms mag review

Chuffed to get a review from Martin Jones in Jan 2010 issue of Rhythms mag — Australia’s roots music monthly.

Rosie Sutherland is not exactly fresh to music (she first popped up in Andrew Kidman and Mark Sutherland’s Val Dusty Experiment in the mid-’90s), but this is her debut album under her own name.

Sutherland is a fan of left of centre American country — stuff like Neil Young and Lucinda Williams — but exudes a strong folk aesthetic in her writing and singing. She also exhibits the invaluable understanding of economy in her singing; delivering just what the song and lyric requires and no more…

Tamworth shows cancelled

It is with regret that I have cancelled my upcoming shows in Tamworth. I have been in bed with a chest infection for a week and still need more time to recover. I was so looking forward to it, but now I’ll have to wait until Tamworth Festival 2011!

Happily, we are planning some shows in Tamworth before then, and in Sydney/Newcastle in the coming months too. 

Phew, that’s about all I can manage… back to bed with hot lemon and honey tea…

Music in the modern age…

It’s a fact for artists these days that music is freely available for download on the web — even ours! Yes, that’s right, Rosie and The Thorns have been pirated! And not just once, there’s a whole raft of sites where you can download hiqh-quality mp3s of ‘Crazy Talk’.

I know there is not much I can do about it and a part of me is kind of pleased to know that people have actually gone to the effort of uploading the album… occasionally even with their opinions of it! But trying to make a living from creative pursuits gets harder, even though the demand for new music is certainly not slowing down.

So, if you have downloaded one of these free copies of the album, perhaps you might consider sending us a small donation, I’ll leave the amount up to you…