Rosie and The Thorns

As the only girl in cult surf band The Val Dusty Experiment, Rosie provided a sweetness to their raw folk-rock sound. Now she has her own band Rosie and The Thorns and carves her own rock territory with ringing melodies and addictive choruses. You might almost get their sound if Lucinda Williams sang with Band of Horses or Beth Orton fronted Crowded House. Since late 2006 their live show has been gaining fans all along the east coast.

Band members

The Crazy Talk album features:
Rosie Sutherland — vocals/guitars/piano/wurlitzer/whilstling
Leah Elliott — vocals
Mark Wells — guitars/bass/vocals
Geoff Dixon — bass
Dan Power — drums
Paul Clement — nylon guitar
Eric Oldfield — drums, percussion
Mick Wordley — guitar

Touring band members
Adam Barnett — bass

Download Rosie and The Thorns info: PDF One Sheet

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